Non-Prosecution Agreements

Federal Organizational Prosecution Agreements


This library collection contains scanned federal organizational prosecution agreements. It is intended to provide a resource for research concerning federal prosecution of organizations. The website was created by Professor Brandon Garrett ( and Jon Ashley ( and will be periodically updated to reflect additional agreements or other developments. We welcome any inquiries or feedback, including questions, corrections or suggestions for additional material to be added to the collection. The agreements, as indicated below, may be displayed by name of entity, jurisdiction or date. Additional information concerning organizational prosecution agreements is in a 2007 Virginia Law Review article. A more detailed version of the list below can be found in this Excel spreadsheet (last updated 6/7/2011). Please cite to this resource collection as: Brandon L. Garrett and Jon Ashley, Federal Organizational Prosecution Agreements, University of Virginia School of Law, at

Please note that we are currently updating the infrastructure for this site to better support search and sort capabilities. The new iteration of the site will include both corporate plea and prosecution agreements and will contain substantially more data for researchers and practitioners. In the meantime if there are particular features you would like to see incorporated drop us a line at:

The dockets below are unofficial and may be incomplete or out-of-date. The official docket is available on PACER (fees may apply).

Number of entries: 159
Titlesort descending USAO Other Agreement Press Release Docket Date Type
ABC Professional Tree Services, Inc. ABC_pr.pdf 2012-05 NP
ADA-ES, Inc. & ADA Environmental Solutions, LLC ADA-ES_pr.pdf 2013-09 NP
Adelphia Communications Adelphia.pdf 2005-04 NP
Advanced Containment Systems Inc. 2012-01 NP
Advanced Cosmetics Research Labs 2008-10 NP
Aetna 1993-08 NP
AIG SEC Consent Decree AIG.pdf 2006-02 NP
AIG Financial Products Corp. SEC Consent Decree AIG.pdf 2004-11 NP
Akzo Nobel Akzo_Nobel.pdf 2007-12 NP
Alliance One Alliance_One.pdf 2010-08 NP
Alpha Natural Resources Inc. Alpha_Natural_Resources.pdf 2011-12 NP
American Italian Pasta Co. 2008-09 NP
Aon Corp. Aon.pdf 2011-12 NP
Archer Daniels Midland Co. Archer_Daniels_Midland_pr.pdf 2013-12 NP
Armor Holdings Inc. ArmorHoldings.pdf 2011-07 NP
Aspen Square Management
Aspen_Square.pdf 2012-08 NP
Atrium Corp. Atrium.pdf 2012-01 NP
Aurora Foods 2001-01 NP
Bank of New York Bank_of_New_York.pdf 2005-11 NP
Barclays Bank PLC CFTC Agmt. Barclays_2012_PR.pdf 2012-06 NP
Bashas, Inc. BashasPR.pdf 2013-08 NP
BAWAG P.S.K. BAWAG.pdf 2006-06 NP
Bechdon Co. bechdon_pr.pdf 2012-04 NP
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. BioRad_PR.pdf 2014-11 NP
Biovail Pharmaceuticals Inc. & Biovail Corp. Corp. Integrity Agmt. 2008-05 NP
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island BlueCrossBlueShieldofRhodeIsland.pdf 2007-12 NP
Boeing Co. Interim Admin. Agmt. Boeing.pdf 2006-06 NP
C.R. Bard, Inc. CRBard.pdf 2013-05 NP
Caddell Construction Co., Inc. Caddell.pdf 2012-12 NP
CareFusion Corp. 2013-04 NP
CH2M Hill Hanford Group Inc. hanford_pr.pdf 2013-03 NP
Chevron Chevron.pdf 2007-11 NP
Collins & Aikman Corp. CollinsandAikman.pdf 2007-03 NP
Comverse Technology Inc. Comverse.pdf 2011-04 NP
ConAgra Poultry Co. 1998-04 NP
Coopers & Lybrand
1996-09 NP
Cosmetics Laboratories of America 2008-06 NP
Coventry Health Care, Inc. Coventry.pdf 2012-11 NP
Credit Lyonnais 1999-06 NP
CSK Auto Corp. CSK_Auto.pdf 2011-08 NP
CVS/Pharmacy 2010-10 NP
Deutsche Bank AG DeutscheBankAG.pdf 2010-12 NP
Deutsche Telekom AG DeutscheTelekom.pdf 2011-12 NP
Diamondback Capital Management LLC DiamondbackCapitalManagement.pdf 2012-01 NP
El Paso ElPaso.pdf 2007-02 NP
Elan Corp. Corp. Integrity Agmt. 2010-12 NP
Electronic Clearing House echo.pdf 2007-03 NP
Endocare 2006-07 NP
Ernst & Young LLP EY_PR.pdf 2013-02 NP
Essie Cosmetics LTD 2012-03 NP
Express Scripts Inc. 2007-09 NP
Facility Group 2008-08 NP
Faro Technologies Faro_Technologies.pdf 2008-06 NP
Fiat S.p.A. / Iveco (subsid.) / CNF Italia (subsid.) / CNF France (subsid.) Fiat.pdf 2008-12 NP
Fine Host Corp. Fine_Host.pdf 2008-11 NP
Forest Laboratories 2010-09 NP
Forrester Construction Co. forrester.pdf 2014-12 NP
Friedman's Inc. 2005-11 NP
Frosty Treats Inc. Frosty_Treats.pdf 2007-09 NP
GE Funding Capital Market Services Inc. GEFundingCapitalMarketServices.pdf 2011-12 NP
General Electric (GE) GeneralElectric.pdf 2004-12 NP
General Reinsurance 2010-01 NP
GlaxoSmithKline Corp. Integrity Agmt. 2010-10 NP
Google Google.pdf 2011-08 NP
Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority 2014-05 NP
Halliburton Co. 2009-02 NP
HealthSouth Corp. 2006-05 NP
Helmerich & Payne Helmerich.pdf 2009-07 NP
Hewlett-Packard Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V. & Hewlett-Packard Polska, SP. Z.O.O HP_Poland_pr.pdf 2014-04 NP
Hitachi Corp. 2006-01 NP
Holy Spirit Association Holy_Spirit_PR.pdf 2007-02 NP
HSBC 2001-12 NP
IFCO Systems IFCO_PR.pdf 2008-12 NP
IMC Potash 2002-09 NP
Imperial Holdings Inc. imperial_PR.pdf 2012-04 NP
InVision GeneralElectric.pdf 2004-12 NP
Islamic Investment Co. of the Gulf (Bahamas) Ltd. 2011-08 NP
Jazz Pharmaceuticals Corp. Integrity Agmt., Settlement Agmt. JazzPharmaceuticals.pdf 2007-07 NP
JB Oxford Holdings 2000-02 NP
Jefferies Group LLC jefferies_pr.pdf 2014-01 NP
Jenkins Gilchrist jenkinsgilchrist_PR.pdf 2007-03 NP
John Hancock Mutual Life 1994-03 NP
JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPMorganChase.pdf 2011-07 NP
Krones AG & Krones, Inc. Krones.pdf 2012-11 NP
Las Vegas Sands Corp. Sands_PR.pdf 2013-08 NP
Lazard Freres 1996-10 NP
Lender Processing Services, Inc. (LPS) lps_pr.pdf 2013-04 NP
Levlad LLC 2008-10 NP
Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG LLB_PR.pdf 2013-07 NP
Lucent Technologies LucentTechnologies.pdf 2007-11 NP
Lufthansa Technik AG LufthansaTechnik.pdf 2011-12 NP
MCI MCI.pdf 2005-08 NP
McSha Properties 2009-01 NP
Medicis 2006-10 NP
Mellon Bank, N.A. 2006-08 NP
Merck & Co. Inc. 2011-11 NP
Merrill Lynch 2003-09 NP
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. (MetLife) MetLife.pdf 2010-04 NP
Milberg Milberg.pdf 2008-06 NP
Miron Construction Co., Inc. Miron_pr.pdf 2014-02 NP
Monford Food Distribution Co. 2000-02 NP
National Compressor 2008-10 NP
NEC NEC.pdf 2006-01 NP
NetVersant-Atlanta Inc. & NetVersant Solutions Inc. 2007-03 NP
Newsday Inc. & Hoy Publications LLC 2007-12 NP
Noble Corp. 2010-11 NP
Omega Advisors OmegaAdvisors.pdf 2007-06 NP
Optimal Group OptimalGroup.pdf 2009-10 NP
Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. 2010-04 NP
Orthoscript Inc. 2005-06 NP
Paradigm B.V. ParadigmBV.pdf 2007-09 NP
Parkway Village ParkwayVillage.pdf 2008-08 NP
PartyGaming Plc. partygaming.pdf 2009-04 NP
Pasha Forwarders 2006-09 NP
Penn Traffic Co. 2008-10 NP
Petrocelli Electric Co. PetrocelliElectric.pdf 2009-07 NP
Pfizer 2007-03 NP
Pilgrim's Pride PilgrimsPride.pdf 2009-12 NP
PPG Industries PPGIndustries.pdf 2010-12 NP
Prudential Equity Group PrudentialEquityGroup.pdf 2006-08 NP
Purdue Pharma 2007-05 NP
Quest Diagnostics QuestDiagnostics.pdf 2009-04 NP
RAE Systems RAESystems.pdf 2010-12 NP
Ralph Lauren Corp. SEC NPA Ralph_Lauren_PR.pdf 2013-04 NP
Republic Services RepublicServices.pdf 2008-10 NP
RFK Institute 2008-11 NP
Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston 2005-11 NP
Royal Ahold RoyalAhold.pdf 2006-09 NP
Salomon Brothers
SalomonBrothers.pdf 1992-05 NP
Schering Plough ScheringPlough.pdf 2006-08 NP
Schiavone Construction Co. LLC Schiavone.pdf 2010-11 NP
1993-06 NP
Serono Holding Inc. / Serono Inc. / Serono S.A. / Ares-Trading S.A. Serono.pdf 2005-10 NP
Skanska Skanska.pdf 2011-03 NP
Spectranetics Corp. Spectranetics.pdf 2009-12 NP
Sportingbet PLC Sportingbet.pdf 2010-09 NP
Stryker Corp. 2014-09 NP
Stryker Orthopedics Biomet.pdf 2005-10 NP
SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. SunTrust_pr.pdf 2014-07 NP
Swift Beef 2002-10 NP
Swisspartners Investment Network AG swiss_partners_pr.pdf 2014-05 NP
Symbol Technologies 2004-06 NP
Tenaris S.A. Tenaris.pdf 2011-03 NP
Textron Textron.pdf 2007-08 NP
The Gallup Organization Gallup_pr.pdf 2013-06 NP
The NORDAM Group Inc. NORDAM.pdf 2012-07 NP
Tommy Hilfiger 2005-08 NP
Trace America 2009-09 NP
Tyco Int'l, Ltd. Tyco.pdf 2012-09 NP
UBS AG UBS_AG_2012.pdf 2012-12 NP
UBS AG UBS_AG.pdf 2011-05 NP
United Bank for Africa 2007-07 NP
United Parcel Service, Inc. UPS_PR.pdf 2013-03 NP
Universal Corp. UniversalCorp.pdf 2010-08 NP
Unum Group 2008-06 NP
UTstarcom Inc. 2009-12 NP
Wachovia Wachovia.pdf 2011-12 NP
Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corp. 2008-02 NP
Whitehall Jewellers Inc. 2004-09 NP