Chief Justice Roger B. Taney Law Practice Papers

Biographical / Historical Information
    Roger B. Taney, born in Calvert County, Maryland in 1777, established a law practice in Frederick in 1801 and remained there until 1823. In 1831 Andrew Jackson appointed him attorney general of the United States, and in 1836 appointed him Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court following the death of John Marshall. Taney held that position until his death in 1864.
Scope and Content
    This collection of legal documents concerns Roger B. Taney's law practice in Frederick, Maryland between 1805 and 1818. Of special note are the cases concerning slaves.
Contents List
  1. Negro Jim v. William Curren: depositions of Robert Fleming, John Scott, Betsey Smith and Thomas Curren 1792, 1806, n.d. 4 ADS (autographed document signed), 7 I.
  2. Barton Garrott v. John Garrott post-1802 ADS, 2 pages
  3. [Replevin bond?]: signed by John Arnold, Jacob Arnold and Jacob Everhard 1805 March 1 ADS, 2 pages
  4. Jacob Kiles v. Joseph Grabill: petition 1806 August 4 ADS, 2 pages
  5. Slips of paper containing names and in some instances notes about cases 1807-20, n.d. 23 I.
  6. Abraham Crapster and Abraham Jones v. John L. Lawrence: narrative ca. 1808 ADS, 2 pages
  7. Nathaniel Marshall v. Gabriel Mattingly: narrative post-1808 ADS, 2 pages
  8. Sworn statement of Anne Taney concering the status of Robert (Toogood) Patterson, a mulatto 1810 July 31 AD, 2 pages
  9. Peter Shriner v. Peter Boyer: plea [1811?] Jan. 10 ADS, 2 pages
  10. Morrison v. Petticord: petition 1811 Feb. 11 ADS, 2 pages
  11. Brief for James Allson, President and Directors of the Union Bank of Maryland v. Thomas Contee Worthington 1812 July 22 ADS, 4 pages
  12. Jacob Winter v. Jonathan Haslett: petition 1812 July 27 ADS, 2 pages
  13. Benjamin Joy v. Carlton Tannehill: petition; subpoena issued for apprentice [debt] 1813 August 2 ADS, 2 pages
  14. Peter Brengler v. George French: commission and oaths 1813-14 ADS, 2 pages
  15. Ely Dorsey v. Sam'l Staners heirs 1818 October 15 ADS, 1 page
  16. Philberd Greenweal v. Joseph Magruder: case narrative and affidavit n.d. ADS, 4 pages
  17. List of [clients'?] names and money n.d. 1 page
Descriptive Summary
    Repository: Special Collections, University of Virginia Law Library
    Collection number: MSS 87-3, -3a, -3b
    Title: Inventory of the Legal Papers of Roger B. Taney 1792, 1805-1818
    Physical Characteristics: This collection contains 41 items.
    Language: English
Preferred Citation
    Document Title, Date, Inventory of the Legal Papers of Roger B. Taney, 1792, 1805-1818, Folder Number, MSS 87-3, Special Collections, University of Virginia Law Library.