Where’s the Reference Desk?

Those of you who have ventured to the second floor of the library recently may have wondered why the Reference Desk has been replaced with a vast empty space. 

  No Reference Desk 4

No, we’re not planning to offer yoga classes there, nor are we about to bring in pool tables. Nonetheless, please enjoy a nice stroll on our new carpet while we wait for our improved Reference Desk to be installed in a few weeks.   

You may also be wondering, if there is no Reference Desk, can I still get reference services this summer? Absolutely! Even without a desk, reference librarians are still on hand to help you. Just stop by any of the librarians’ offices if you need assistance. Summer RAs can contact their library liaisons, and email services are available as always at refdesk@law.virginia.edu.  

– Amy Wharton

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Arthur J. Morris Law Library

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