Library Renovations to Bring Printer, Study Room Changes

The Lexis presence in the Library will be moving as part of continuing renovations. During spring break, the current Lexis Lab will be made into a study room and the Lexis student reps will be relocated to the Computer Lab office across from the Library Circulation area on the first floor. Their office hours will remain the same. The location of Lexis printers will also change. One Lexis printer will be located with the student reps in the Computer Lab office, and a second printer will move to the second floor MyLab area. This should make printing to Lexis more convenient for students studying on the second or third floor. 

Eventually Westlaw will also move into the Computer Lab office and also relocate their printers to the office and MyLab areas. This summer the current Lexis and Westlaw labs will each be converted into two group study rooms, giving you more places next fall to meet and collaborate on projects.  

– Micheal Klepper 

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Arthur J. Morris Law Library

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