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They (yes, the immortal “they”) say it’s not what you know but who you know that counts in this world. Being in academia, we think it’s actually a bit – okay, a lot – of both. Whether your summer or post-law school aspirations involve a judicial clerkship, working for a large law firm, finding a job in government or the nonprofit sector, or foreign relations work, you now have a resource at your fingertips to identify the right people to contact. The Law Library has just subscribed to the Leadership Directories Online (LDO) service, which is the online version of a series of print directories known as the Yellow Books. There are fourteen Yellow Books in all: Judicial, Congressional, Federal, Federal Regional, State, Municipal, Government Affairs, Law Firm, Corporate, Financial, News Media, Associations, Nonprofit Sector, and Foreign Representatives in the U.S. By combining the data from all of these sources into one database, LDO gives you the ability to generate graphs and lists of people from across multiple organizations, subject specialties, and even your alma mater. Now, instead of battling your fellow students for the library’s copy of the Judicial Yellow Book for information on judges, you can create your own list of names and addresses from the comfort of your laptop.

Access to LDO is limited to Law School students, faculty and staff and can be accessed only through LawWeb. Look for the link at the bottom of the “Library” section. We encourage you to take the LDO Quick Tour before you go exploring. Note that we don’t subscribe to the downloading and alerts features. If you have questions about using LDO, please contact us.

– Amy Wharton 

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