Where in the World Is…Your Summer Vacation?

With finals winding down, summer travel plans may be refilling the nooks and crannies of your mind so recently occupied by the rule against perpetuities. While the law library is a wonderful resource for your study and legal research needs, we also maintain a collection of travel books in the Klaus Reading Room to help you plan an amazing summer vacation. If you’re considering a trip to Kuala Lumpur or just want some information on the best museums in Philadelphia, the library’s collection of Eyewitness Travel books are available to check out. If you are more interested in reviews of trips or inspirational stories of travel, the library also subcribes to National Geographic Traveler. This magazine reviews guided trips, suggests restaurants to visit when traveling in certain locales, evaluates hotels, and provides essays by travelers to inspire your next adventure. Like the guide books, this magazine is located in the Klaus Reading Room. These resources may be exactly what you need to plan your own trip, from Kiev to Carolina.  Happy travels.

– Leslie Ashbrook 

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