New Law Library Website Gets You There Faster

The Law Library now has a fresher, more user-friendly website.
We love our new look, but the changes go well beyond cosmetics. The navigational
structure of the new site is patterned after that of the UVA Libraries site that was
launched this summer. Law researchers using University-wide library resources can
now enjoy a similar experience on both sites.

New features you’ll now find at the top of every page on our

  • A link to “My
    ,” where you can check the status of your library account and
    interlibrary loan requests.
  • A large, friendly VIRGO search box so that you’ll always have instant access to the
    catalog of resources that are available throughout UVA’s network of libraries.
  • The “Also
    ” menu, which links you to locators for journals, databases, subject guides
    for research, a site search, and our new FAQ
    for general library information. (If we don’t have your question in
    our system yet, submit it and our library staff will contact you with an answer.) 
  • Drop-down
    take you to our most frequently needed information. Through these
    menus, you can find research help and resources, navigate the stacks, use the
    Student Delivery Service (SDS), reserve group study rooms, and discover our study
    spaces, among other things. Most of these links are also listed on the library
    homepage, since different people access things in different ways.

It takes a village to redesign a website. The Website Redesign
Team is grateful to many at the School of Law and at UVA Libraries. The home
page owes its beautiful look to the talents of UVA Law School’s Creative
Director Warren Craghead and the support of Communications Director Mary Wood. Law
ITC’s George Payne gave us our new site search engine. Many on the Law Library
staff contributed content, ideas, constructive criticism, and enthusiasm to the
project. The UVA Libraries web design team built a great design for us to tap
into; we’re especially grateful to Erin Mayhood and Joe Gilbert for generously
sharing their insights.

We hope our community will enjoy using the new site even as
more changes are in progress.  We’re working
to provide even easier access to databases and a better mobile experience. If
you have suggestions for us, let us know!

– The Law Library Web Redesign Team 

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