Where Book Meets Glass: Our Newest Scanners


New Scannx book scanners are now available in myLab and the
Reserve Room. These self-service scanners offer high speed scans as pdfs,
searchable pdfs, Word, tiff, and png files. The Scannx is designed to allow the
spine of an open book to be placed on the edge of the scanning glass. This lets
the page lie flat so that it can be captured without distortion. If you need only
part of the page, you can crop as you set up the scan. A touch screen guides you
through the process of choosing the file format, scan quality, and file name. Scans
are at 600 dpi for excellent clarity and will automatically crop, straighten,
and orient each page for uniformity. (For very thin pages, gray scale/standard may
work better than black and white/high quality.)

The scanner saves only to a USB Flash drive. If you don’t
have one on hand, you can buy one at Courts and Commerce Bookstore or check one
out at the circulation desk. 

While its primary use is as a book scanner, you can also use
the Scannx to scan individual pages. However, if you have multiple pages to
scan, you might prefer the Ricoh copier for its automatic document feeder. Ask
a member of the library staff if you have questions or run into any problems.  

– Micheal Klepper  

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