Bar Study Tip #1: Take Some Time to Relax and Breathe!

If you’re ready for a study break, check out Barbri’s free online mindful meditation sessions designed to help students studying for the bar be more relaxed, focused, and able to manage the stress of the bar experience. Scientific research shows that even just a bit of mindfulness meditation training and practice improves people’s mood and concentration. Mindful meditation is catching on in law schools and law practices across the country as a cutting edge way to enhance students’ and lawyers’ advocacy skills, and overall career satisfaction. 

Barbri posted the first free 30-minute audio session on Tuesday and will post a new one each Tuesday for the next month. To access the audio, first sign-up here. Then, if you’re enrolled in Barbri, go to the Enrolled Student Center; if you’re not enrolled in Barbri, get to the audio via this site.   

– Kristin Glover 

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