Wondering Where Your Old Lexis Went?

Lexis recently converted to having all law school users access its services through Lexis Advance, http://advance.lexis.com.

While the new interface may have advantages, many experienced Lexis users continue to prefer the source selection and search capabilities of the older lexis.com interface. Some materials, particularly in foreign and international law, are still only available in lexis.com. Lexis.com has not disappeared, but you have to know where to look for it.

To get to lexis.com, go to Lexis Advance and click on the down arrow next to “Research” at the top left of the screen:


This will produce a menu of choices, one of which is lexis.com:


Unfortunately the lexis.com now available cannot be personalized, so you can no longer see your search history, select favorite databases, or run alerts. Search results are displayed in groups of 10 rather than 50. Most of lexis.com’s resources and functionality, however, are still there.

Any Lexis alerts you set up before the conversion are gone, but Lexis has maintained a record of these old alerts. UVA Law users should contact refdesk@law.virginia.edu for help with finding out about alerts and/or setting them up in Lexis Advance or elsewhere.

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