Oh, the Noise, Noise, Noise, Noise!

Summer2013EntranceConstructionThis summer the library has four construction projects that are noisy
and disruptive to those who are studying for the bar. We are adding
electrical outlets to study areas within the library, replacing windows that
leak, redesigning the library entrance and upgrading the HVAC system.
Unfortunately, there are only a few weeks in the summer months when these sort
of projects can be done. We want the library to be a place that you can count on
for quiet study and we're truly sorry for the inconvenience to our friends who
are preparing for their exam! Please note that the Purcell Reading Room
is quiet and available to you. Also, most of the work at the entrance of the
library has been completed, so the Caplin Reading Room should return to normal
in the next couple of days. Best wishes on the bar!

Taylor Fitchett, Director 

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Arthur J. Morris Law Library

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