Too Much Stress? Just Say, “Oh, D.E.A.R.!”

With all of its looming deadlines for legal research and writing memos, seminar papers, and outlining for finals, November can feel pretty tight. If end-of-semester pressure has you stressed, the Law Library invites you to simply stop and say, “Oh, D.E.A.R.!” (“Drop Everything And Relax!”). Our first “Oh, D.E.A.R.” session is this Thursday, November 14 at noon. There’s no need to register in advance. Just rise from your study table and walk a few steps to the Library’s Klaus Room. There you’ll enjoy a relaxing and revitalizing 45-minute guided meditation. The Law Library will offer additional “Oh, D.E.A.R.” sessions throughout the reading and exam period.Find out how you can be happier, more productive, and bring about world peace (or at least two out of three) just by saying, “Oh, D.E.A.R.!”

– Kristin Glover 

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Kristin Glover

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