Oh, D.E.A.R.! (Drop Everything And Relax): Step Into the Law Library Oasis Room!

Finals and seminar papers are stressful. The Law Library invites you to Drop Everything And Relax in our Oasis Room, specially designed for taking a peaceful breather from finals studying.  Do you want…

  • A few minutes to curl up on a cushion & take some deep breathes? Head to the Oasis! It has cushions, blankets, & soothing lamp-lighting.
  • A few minutes to reduce stress by meditating?  Head to the Oasis!  It has guided meditations on CD. 
  • Don’t know what meditation is but curious to find out a bit about it? The Oasis has resources explaining mindful meditation & how to use it as a simple tool to reduce stress.
  • A few minutes to stretch? Head to the Oasis! It has yoga mats.

Make your way to the Oasis through the Caplin Reading Room on the Library’s first floor; it’s the second door on the left (the McBeal study room).

– Kristin Glover 


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