Happy Retirement, Joe Wynne!

Systems Librarian Joe Wynne is retiring on July 24th after 37 years of service to The University. Most faculty and staff at the Law School know him, as do many in the library profession. Joe, who joined the Law School in 1978 as a cataloger, survived two library directors, has worked as a reference librarian, budget and technology manager, and has contributed to the successful operation of all library departments.  He tackled research problems, balanced budgets, made sure that the staff had the most appropriate technology and that they were trained to use it. He has been the lead contributor in moving the library into the digital age, evaluating and selecting technology and effectively managing it. For nearly four decades Joe has had a voice in every significant decision that has been made within the library and his contributions will be enduring. We were most fortunate in having someone of Joe’s talent, fairness, strength and wit to rely upon for so many years.

It is an understatement to say that Joe will be missed — not only as a colleague, but a friend. He’s always there to listen, help you solve a problem and make you laugh. Here are a few things we have learned about Joe over the years:

Joe Wynne
Retiring Systems Librarian Joe Wynne.

– Joe and his twin brother were both altar boys.

– His two main fixes for computer problems are the on/off switch and a blessing.

– Joe hates copier/printers—all of them. 

– Joe is crazy about Pittsburgh teams, The Big Lebowski, and opera, but not musicals.

– Joe’s hand is always out to pick up the tab so that others don’t have to.

– Proud of his Italian/Irish heritage, he has learned to make Italian wedding soup and drink Guinness at the same time.

– Joe is a gardener and shares garlic when harassed.

Joe will spend some of his retirement days on the Jersey Shore with family and some of it fly fishing.

Congratulations, Joe. We wish you all the best in your retirement years. We will miss you but no one has missed the smile on your face for the past few weeks. Thank you for being a wonderful friend and colleague. Happy retirement!


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