End of Semester To-Do List: #1 – Study Break

What do you need to get your end-of-semester reading, outlining, and research papers done? “Quiet,” “books and databases,” “study space,” “research expertise,” “massage chair”…. Massage chair?!    

Yes. Studies say taking breaks (even naps) makes you more productive. Challenge yourself to be more productive the last weeks of the semester and this finals period by taking ten-minute study breaks to[1]:  

  • Flip through Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Essence and other magazines and newspapers in the first floor Klaus Reading Room.
  • Take a walk around the Library’s second floor to check out our annual art show and photos from the 1970 protest on the Rotunda.
  • Get a cup of tea or coffee and chat with friends in MyLab.
  • Browse for a winter break destination in one of the 57 Eyewitness Travel guides in the first floor Klaus Reading Room.
    massage chair
    Karl Lockhart enjoys a quick breather from exam time stress.
  • Try a guided audio meditation (check them out from the short shelves in the Klaus Reading Room). There are meditation cushions and mats in the second floor Collaborative Classroom space.
  • Curl up in a comfy chair in the second floor Collaborative Classroom space.
  • Eat grilled cheese hot off the griddle – stay tuned for date and time of this finals period’s grilled cheese night in the Law Library.
  • Watch an episode of The Office, Scandal, or your favorite TV series and movies from our Reserve Room DVD collection.

And, let the Klaus Reading Room massage chair work out some of your studying muscles’ kinks.

[1] Many of the resources mentioned here are courtesy of the Walter Whitlock Klaus ’36, endowment fund. 

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