Grilled Cheese: One Night Only

The Law Library’s Grilled Cheese Team is proud to present the documentary Grilled Cheese: One Night Only, with all the excitement, drama and hijinks that go into our final exam time Grilled Cheese Nights. The documentary is also a tribute to founding Grilled Cheese Team member Micheal Klepper, who recently retired. Can the Grilled Cheese Team carry on Micheal’s legacy of cheesy success? Find out in the video! Produced and directed by: Addie Patrick. Starring: Micheal Klepper, Rebecca Hawes Owen, Tim Breeden, Addie Patrick and Ben Doherty.

After watching the video, we invite all law students to come have a hot, cheesy sandwich to help you through this year’s exams at 6:00pm on Monday, December 11. With tomato or without tomato.

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Arthur J. Morris Law Library

Arthur J. Morris Law Library

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