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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Friday, April 30, 1982

April 30, 1982

Mr. Ronald P. Sokol [some letters unclear]
Avocate Americain Conseil Juridique
13540 Puyrichard

Dear Ron:

The enclosed reprint came to me recently, and it
immediately occurred to me that it might be of interest
to you. On seeing the title and sensing what was involved,
my first thought was of your Puzzle of Equality. My quick
perusal of the footnotes indicates that your work is not
cited, which is a shame.

I have read the article with much interest, and I
must say that I find much of its reasoning appealing. I
have been troubled by some time about this notion about
this notion of “equality” (as have others for only two or
three thousand years), and I am pleased to see this kind
of effort put into working it out into [r]elation to some of
the Supreme Court’s decisions.

On May 23 we graduate the first class of judges to
complete our program; theanticipate [sic] that all twenty-eight
will be awarded the Master of Laws in the Judicial Process.
One or two cases are still touch and go because of problems
in the thesis, but I expect that they will work them out
within the next couple of weeks. Our admissions season
for the new class is complete, and we have filled the class
to its capacity of thirty. One of the key differences in
the new class, as compared with the last, is that we have
four United States circuit judges in the new class but had
none in the last. Otherwise the distribution is similar.
Twenty-two states will be represented, and there is a good
mixture of state supreme court justices and state inter-
mediate appellate judges, along with the federal judges.
They arrive July 1 for six weeks and will be back next
summer for the same length of time.

If you get to this country anytime, please try to
include Charlottesville in your itenerary. You and family
are welcome to stay with us here at any time. We have
sufficient beds now to sleep several on short notice.

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The Sokol colloquium was another large success this
year. I went to the closing banquet in the Rotunda.

I trust all goes well.in your quarter. With best


Daniel J. Meador

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