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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Friday, February 11, 2011

University of Virginia School of Law

Daniel J. Meador

James Monroe Professor of Law Emeritus

February 11, 2011

Dear Ron,

It is indeed good to hear from you after quite a stretch. I have often wondered
how things were going with you and have thought of writing but have simply
procrastinated. Your letter brings reassuring word that you are still going strong.

My life is rocking along about as usual. I go to my office in the law school four
days a week, working on a variety of matters, handling correspondence, doing a little
writing, and keeping up with the literature. Much of my time is spent on the Cahaba
Foundation, a private, non-profit corporation whose mission is to secure private financial
support for the state historical park at Cahaba, site of Alabama’s first state capital. Our
priority is to raise two million dollars to enable the Alabama Historical Commission to
acquire all the land in the historic town site that remains in private hands. Enclosed is our
brochure explaining the Foundation and the park.

Also enclosed are several items of non-required reading, two of which you

I am tentatively planning a trip to Berlin in the spring. The main purpose is to
update myself on the German appellate courts. The section in the casebook on this
subject was done by me, so I want to get the material revised for an upcoming third

Your son Daniel has an impressive string of academic achievements. I am
especially pleased to see that he has entered the ranks of the barristers. He is obviously a
young man of considerable talent. As you may recall, I have studied the English appellate
courts and the work of barristers. It is my hope to get back there before a great while to
update myself so that the casebook can reflect the current scene, which has changed
much in the last six years. If I do get there, I hope very much to meet Daniel. I will let
you know well in advance so we can arrange a meeting.

The political scene in this country is discouraging, but I am at a loss to know what
to do about it. The best hope is that the Republicans will eventually self-destruct with
some of their rigid, extreme positions.

Keep me up on yourself from time-to-time. If you ever get back to the States, plan
to include Charlottesville on your itinerary. I have a guest room and bath, rarely
occupied, and you are welcome any time.

REÇU 15 FEV. 2011

580 Massie Road • Charlottesville, Virginia 22903-1789
434.924.3947 • djmófo. virginia.edu

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