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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Friday, February 20, 1970

The University of Alabama
School of Law
Box 1435, University, Alabama 35486

Office of the Dean
Tuscaloosa 348-5930 Area 205

February 20, 1970

Mr. Ronald Sokol
12, rue de l’Universite
Paris 7, France

Dear Ron:

This is just a hasty note to acknowledge receipt of your letter
of February 14th and your story on “The Decision to Prosecute”.
While I have not yet had time to read the story, I look forward to the
pleasure of doing so. Also, I will promptly pass it along to the
appropriate Law Review editors for their perusal. The Review is
interested in publishing a good short story about once a year; however,
as you know, the students are jealous of their prerogative in making
editorial decisions, so I do not know what the reaction will be on your
story. In any event, someone from the Review will be in touch with
you later.

I also have your most interesting letter of December 29th.
Why I have not written you? I suppose the answer is as usual:
procrastination, press of administrative duties, flu and assorted
other interferences. Certainly the best of intentions has been there,
and I will be writing you in greater length within the near future.

With best wishes,


Dan [signature]

Daniel J. Meador


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