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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Friday, June 16, 1978

Room 4234
U.S. Department of Justice
Washington, D.C. 20530
United States of America

June 16, 1978

Mr. Ronald P. Sokol
Avocat Americain
Conseil Juridique
13540 Puyricard
Aix-En-Provence, FRANCE

Dear Ron:

Many thanks for the clipping from the Paris paper. This
was fascinating reading, and I appreciate the opportunity of
getting this glimpse of you and your family from the personal
side. My secretary described the photograph, so I feel as
though I have actually seen it.

Recently, at the American Law Institute meeting here,
I ran into Val and Hardy Dillard. They said they had seen
you in Paris and they had dinner with you. We did not have
time to chat for long, so I did not get an opportunity to
find out any news about you.

I hope you are successful in getting in the seminar for
this Summer. Let me know what has come of that. Also, if
you do get to this Country this Summer and have any chance to
pass through Washington, please let me know and plan to stop
over. We can sleep two or three people in our house here and
would be delighted to put up you and your family.

On April 24, I underwent another operation in Boston. It
turns out that this was an “interlocutory” operation (to
borrow a term from the law), as it was merely an intermediate
step designed to clear the way for another operation later.
This one simply removed some obstructions which had formed in
the eye, thereby making it possible to perform another operation
on the retina, which may restore some vision. This
later operation will probably not be performed until August
or September. The medical crowd seems to still hold out
hope for my case, and as long as they do, so do I. My judgment,
however, is that the odds are tilted against me. A

Mr. Ronald Sokol
June 16, 1978
Page 2.

conservative investor would not put a lot of money in my case.
As you can well understand, I have no choice but to keep on as
long as anyone holds out any hope.

In recent months, I have been on a Thomas Wolfe kick. He
is out of fashion with the critics and the English professors
these days, but I think it is magnificant writing. I have now
read all but two of his books, and these two do not seem to be
available through talking books.

Keep me posted on your Summer travel plans.

With best wishes,


Dan [signature]

Daniel J. Meador
Assistant Attorney General

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