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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Monday, April 15, 1991

April 15, 1991

Mr. Ronald P. Sokol
Cabinet juridique
B.P. 3

Dear Ron:

Justice Stewart Pollock of the Supreme Court of New Jersey is one of the outstanding
graduates of our Graduate Program for Judges. He was just here to sit as a judge on our Moot
Court finals, and he told me that he and his wife, Penny, will be travelling through the south of
France in the near future. I mentioned your name to him, as being one of our graduates and
former faculty colleagues, suggesting that if he had need of an American lawyer anywhere
between Barcelona and Genoa you were the man to see.

I am taking the liberty, by copy of this letter, of giving him your address. I think he would
enjoy popping by for a brief visit with you if he passes through Aix. If you do hear from him,
I would appreciate your seeing him, as I think you would enjoy both him and his wife. With best


Daniel J. Meador
cc: Justice Stewart Pollock

P.S. In the near future I hope to be sending you a copy of American Courts, just now coming
off the press. Do let me know whether it has any chance of conveying to French lawyers
some accurate understanding of the American judicial scene.

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