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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012
Dear Ron,

It has been so long since we were in communication that I have forgotten
where we left off. The past year and a half has been unusually busy for me. as I
will explain below.

Because of these activities my writing has diminished in recent times. My
latest published work is the enclosed book giving an account of my years as dean
at Alabama. The book has attracted considerable interest in Alabama. I have been
down three times for book signings.

Having for several years been bothered by the unexplained migration of
Woodrow Wilson’s portrait from the Law School to the Miller Center, and with
no hope of its return, I decided to commission a portrait for the Law School. It
was presented at a ceremony last March. A copy of my remarks on the occasion is

My most important news is that I was married on November 15! The
“bride’’ is Alice Turner, a native of Albemarle County. She attended Swarthmore
and later earned a Ph.D. at the University of Virginia. She practiced psycho-
therapy in Charlottesville for some years but is retired now. She is a real
outdoorsy type. For years she was big on horseback riding but has given that up in
favor of sailing. She owns a house and boat in Maine, so I can anticipate spending
a good part of the summer up there in the future. We were married in the Chapel
at St. Paul’s Church in Charlottesville and then took off for a Caribbean cruise.

We met about fifteen months ago. I had been starved for travel for several
years, so we undertook to make up for lost time. We went on a TCM cruise to
Mexico, a Club Med in the Bahamas, a barge trip on the Burgundy waterways,
Berlin for the marriage of her son, a circumnavigation of the Black Sea, and
finally our honeymoon cruise. In addition, there were four trips to Alabama. Now
we are attempting to get resettled. She has been living in Westminster-
Canterbury, where I also live. I am moving to her cottage because it is larger than

So you can see that these travels plus the process of getting married has
eaten up most of my time. I am still going into my office in the Law School
several days a week but have no special projects at the moment. Last July I
addressed the annual meeting of the Alabama State Bar on restructuring the U. S.
Supreme Court. In October I addressed The Alabama Bench and Bar Historical
Society on the origin of the Alabama Supreme Court and Cahaba, the first state
capital. But presently no other engagements are scheduled.

I hope that things are going well with you and your family. Perhaps some
day Alice and I can pay you a visit. She likes France. When you can find time I
would love to hear from you with an updating of your activities. Best wishes for
the Christmas season.

Sincerely, Dan

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