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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Monday, January 7, 1981

File c./other Sokol Letters [handwritten note]

January 7, 1980 [Internal evidence, plus a handwritten strike-through of the zero in 1980, indicates that the date is actually 1981. See the reference to “the new Administration,” below.]

Mr. Ronald Sokol
Associate Americain Conseil Juridique
13540 Puyrichard

Dear Ron:

Many thanks for your Christmas card and message. I am
afraid that we were somewhat remiss in getting out cards this
year, but I nevertheless send belated best wishes to all of
you for the New Year, with the hope that you had a good holi-
day season.

Jan and I continue to appreciate your offers of hos-
pitality, and we continue to hope that one day we will be
in position to accept. As I think I have indicated pre-
viously, my European ventures of recent years have been
focused on the German courts–chiefly the appellate courts
and the judges who sit on them— although this involves
ministries of justice and other elements. Here we have
the seamless web problem. I am hoping to bring that
project to a conclusion in the coming months. Thus, the
next time I think I am in position to venture across the
Atlantic perhaps it can be to pay a visit to the south
of France.

This has been a busy year, although nothing dramatic
has happened. Our new graduate program for judges got
off to an excellent start, and I am engaged now in plan-
ning the curriculum and getting the faculty lined up for
the session this coming summer.

We have some interesting weeks ahead with the new
Administration coming into Washington. I am hopeful of
movement in the right direction, but my guarded optimism
is dampened by my sensing that no one is likely to pull
any magic tricks out of the hat. I am especially interested

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in word about the new appointees in the Department of
Justice, below the Attorney General. There are not even
any rumors about this at this point.

If you do find yourself in the States or near Charlottes-
ville at any time, by all means let me know. It would be
good to have an opportunity to chat and visit with you,
leisurely and at length, if possible.


Daniel J. Meador

DJM: cgw

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