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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Monday, November 10, 1975

University of Virginia
School of Law

November 10, 1975

Mr. Ronald E.[sic] Sokol
13540 Puyrichard
Aix-en Provence,

Dear Ron:

We have by no means forgotten your generous suggestion
of annual foundation support for private international law.
Shortly after our last talk with you I discussed the idea with
Dean Paulsen, Em Spies (who will be Acting Dean commencing
in January), Pete Low, and Richard Lillich. The latter teaches
in the field. Since then we have had random conversations
about ideas, and students have been brought into the discussions

It now appears that two ideas are emerging. I will not
attempt to outline them here, as it is my understanding that you
will be getting a letter in the very near future from Dean
Paulsen. Since this is not my field, I have not participated
heavily in the substantive discussions. My understanding is,
however, that a couple of proposals will be advanced for your
reaction. The hope is that you will respond and through an ex-
change a mutally [sic] agreeable plan can be arrived at. I do hope this
is so and that some acceptable program can be developed. The
ideas I have heard discussed seem reasonably good to me.

This is just a hasty note to let you know that the matter
is still very much on the front burner and that you will be hearing
something shortly from the Dean. It was good to talk with you
while you were in this country. You must plan to include
Charlottesville on your next visit.

With best wishes,


Dan [signed]

Daniel J. Meador
Professor of Law


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