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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Saturday, March 29, 1986

[Note: Run-ons corrected below. All other mistakes are present in the original.]

Reҫu le 08 AVR.

March 29, 1986

Dear Ron,

As you can probably detect, I am writing on a word processor.
It is the talking computer about which you some time ago. The
equipment arrived in December, and ever since then I have been
struggling to learm how to operate it. It is quite a
sophisticated machine. The speech element at least triples the
complications of learning all the functions. Thus far I have not
undertaken to try to write anything really serious or
substantive. I have decided that writing letters to friends is a
good way to get practice. Thus I am usuing you as something of a
guinea pig, although I have inteded to write you in any event.
Please excuse errors. In the interest of getting the out I am not
attempting to check and all mistakes.

This week we have the annual Sokol Colloquium. Jan and I will
go to the dinner on Friay evening, and I may take in some of the
discussions. My impression is that you have never attending this
object of your charity, an omissiat you should cure some day.

Two weeks I attended a two day celebration at the University
of Alabama Law School to mark the one hundreth anniversary of
Hugo Black’s birth. Several persons were on hand. The luminaries
included Justice Brennan, Arthur Goldberg, Anthony Lewis, and
several federal circuit judges. The affair concluded with in
formal and nostalgic recollections by the 18 or so former law
clerks present. The very last item on the program was a talk by me
on Justice Black and his books. In the new law school building
there they have created Hugo Black Room, which is more or less a
replica of his study in the Alexandria house. In that room are
now housed all the books that were in that study.

In mid August there is a gathering in Vienna that I am
thinking of attending. Jan ar wondering whether you are going to
be in your home station then. If so, and if you could spare an
evening, we might be able to nip by for brief visit. The dates
are not yet definite, but I estimate that we could come through
at some point between the 10th and 14th. For years we have been
wanting to get by there, and this looks to be our first chance.
If could let me know whether this suitable, I would appreciate
it. How can we best fly from Washington to the airport nearest
you ?

Only four weeks now remain in this semester. In addition to
the usual array of spring activities I must go to California for
the annual meeting of the American College of Trial Lawyers and
then to Chigo for a meeting of the American Judicature Society.

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From March to late May is our most hectic time.

I hope this is reasonably legible. Now if I can get the
printer to work properly I will put it in the mail to you. I hope
that this finds all going well with you and your family.


Dan [handwritten signature]

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