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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Thursday, May 31, 1979

Room 4234
United States Department of Justice
Washington, D. C. 20530
May 31, 1979

Mr. Ronald P. Sokol
Avocat Américain
Conseil Juridique
13540 Puyricard


Dear Ron:

At long last there is on the way to you a photograph.
I finally decided that the only way to get a photograph of
myself without undue expenditure of either time or money
was to have the Justice Department photographer take one.
Thus what you will receive might be called an “official
photograph”. Of course the odd thing is that I do not know
what it looks like. I am told by friendly observers that it
is “all right”. In any event, if it does not fit comfortably
into your collection you are free to do with it what you want.

I appreciate your latest note and am glad to know that
you will be heading toward this country sometime in the near
future. I will be in Washington regularly through the end of
July, at which time I begin phasing out to Charlottesville.
I must be in Dallas for the American Bar meeting for about a
week in early August. Shortly after that classes will be
beginning at the law school. In any event, if you pass through
Washington anytime before the end of July, by all means let me
know. You are welcome to stay with us at our house here.

As to the article on English Appellate Judges, this
material had been assembled originally to be a chapter in a
book on appellate judges. I had envisioned a similar chapter
on the German Appellate Judges, all as part of a larger book
focusing mainly on American Appellate Judges. The grand scheme
has been shelved, at least temporarily. I am assembling material
on the German judges and hope to do something on that subject,
perhaps within another year.

Keep me posted on your summer travel plans. With best

Daniel J. Meador

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