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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas, 2009
Dear Family and Friends,

Last year I let the Christmas season slip by without
communicating. So I am now sending a brief update, along with my best
Christmas wishes.

For me, 2009 has been a fairly active, but not very dramatic, year.
There have been a couple of legal conferences—one in Philadelphia and
one in Washington. I continue to go to my office in the Law School
several days a week, doing some writing and working on various
projects. As my father used to say, it is better to wear out than to rust out.
Fortunately I am in fine health. I hesitate to say it, but the doctors haven’t
found anything wrong with me yet.

My main activity has been with the Cahaba Foundation. Meetings
of the board of directors have taken me to Alabama four times this year.
Two other occasions have required trips there as well. For many months
the Foundation has been preparing to launch a capital fund campaign,
with a goal of two million dollars. The funds will be provided to the
Alabama Historical Commission to enable it to acquire all the land in the
historic Cahaba town site that still remains in private hands. It is
necessary that the land be owned by the Commission in order for the site
to be controlled and managed as an historical park. We hope to get the
campaign seriously underway early in the New Year.

All three of my children are doing well and remain where they
have been—Barrie and Bob in Atlanta with Virginia and Robert (with
whom I look forward to spending Christmas); Anna and John in Dallas
with Madison, Caroline, and Jack; Dan and Mary Lewis in Charlottesville
with Reid and Graham. Six of my grandchildren are now in the teen age
stage, and Jack is not far behind.
I trust that the recession is not falling too heavily on any of you.
Let us hope that 2010 brings not only better economic times for the USA
but also a brighter day for the whole world. I wish you and your family a
happy Yuletide and a good New Year.


84 Bishops Ridge Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22911

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