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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Tuesday, February 7, 1995


Daniel J. Meador
James Monroe Professor of Law, Emeritus [itals.]

February 7, 1995

Mr. Ronald E Sokol
Avenue de la Rostolane
B.P. 3
13540 Puyricard FRANCE

Dear Ron:

Thanks for your letter informing me that HFH had arrived. This has all been quite an
unusual experience. I have now done booksignings in 32 cities, with at least a few more to

The immediate reason for my writing is to inquire whether you will be in your home
station on June 9. Jan and I are considering undertaking a tour billed as “Tomas Jefferson’s
France.” It is sponsored jointly by the University of Virginia Alumnia [sic] Association and the
Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, which runs Monticello. The tour will depart Marseille
by boat and go up the Rhône river stopping off at numerous places.

We will begin by flying into Marseille. If you are going to be around on June 9 and the
distance is not too great, we could at least consider the idea of trying to get together with you.
We need to check in on the boat some time on the afternoon of June 10. In any case, I would
appreciate hearing from y9ou [sic] at your convenience as to whether it might be feasible to ahve [sic] a brief visit with you as a prelude to this tour.

I hope that this finds 1995 off to a good start with you and your family. Although
officially retired, I am again teaching my Appellate Courts course this spring semester. For the
first time, I have a casebook, just published by Michie. My guess is that this may be my last
hurrah in the classroom. I am sensing the desire for more flexibility in the future and more
time to do other things that are of interest.


Dan [handwritten signature]

Daniel J. Meador

P.S. Since dictating the above, I have learned that I should make airline reservations as soon
as possible, if I am going on this trip. Thus, I would appreciate hearing from you as soon as

580 Massie Road Telephone (804) 924-3947
Charlottesville, Virginia 2903-1789 Fax (804) 924-7536 [itals.]

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