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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Tuesday, November 23, 1976

University of Virginia
School of Law

Daniel J. Meador
James Monroe Professor of Law

November 23, 1976

Mr. Ronald P. Sokol
13540 Puyricard

Dear Ron:

Thanks for the announcement of your new association. I take
this to be a good sign that things are developing well in your prac-
tice. Your announced jurisdiction seems expansive enough to occupy
two people.

It was grand to see you here this summer, even though briefly.
After each of your infrequent and short visits, I am left wishing
that we had a great deal more time to explore many other questions.
I am continuing now to pursue my thinking about appellate judges
and am finding this an extraordinarily difficult book to organize
and to put together. It is still my hope to get to Europe in 1977
on this project, and I would like to think that I might include a
visit to France. I will keep you posted.

This has been the most fascinating political year in my
memory. The presidential election turned out to be a squeaker,
right down to the wire. I voted “for the future,” as they say
and went with the winner. We shall see what happens. I suggest
that you watch the appointments over the next two months. My hunch
is they will be quality people. But in any event, this will be a
key to the whole direction of affairs hereafter for the next several
years. I view this election as symbolically closing out the last
chapter in the great American tragedy of the 1860’s.

At the moment, I can think of nothing dramatic to report
from the Law School. I will let you know if I head anywhere near
your way.

With best wishes,


Dan [signature]

Daniel J. Meador


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