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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Tuesday, September 5, 1989

September 5, 1989

Ronald P. Sokol, Esq.
Avocat Americain – Conseil Juridique
13540 Puyricard
Aix-En Provence

Dear Ron:

I was rather expecting to hear from you somewhere along the way in July or August,
assuming that you were in North Carolina during some of that time. Did you not get there or
were you simply too occupied with activities once you arrived to work in a side trip to
Charlottesville? I hope that you received my letter earlier in the summer indicating that we
would be here except for the period of the ABA meeting in Honolulu.

The Hawaiian trip went quite well, although Hawaii is not a place that holds great
interest for me. This is the third time I have been, and at the conclusion of each trip I say
that I have no special interest in returning. The only thing that would likely take me back in
the future is another meeting at which my attendance is either necessary or desirable. We had
a good panel exchange on the committee report on the U.S. Courts of Appeals, a copy of
which I sent you. Not surprisingly, there is much objection, especially among the federal
judges. In my view, judges and litigating lawyers are among the major obstacles to court

I am indeed sorry that we did not have a visit this summer. Keep us in mind on a
return trip. With best wishes,


Daniel J. Meador

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