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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Wednesday, December 20, 1967

The University of Alabama
School of Law
Box 1435, University, Alabama 35486

Office of the Dean
Tuscaloosa 348-5930, Area 205

1967-1975 December 20, 1967

Mr. Ronald P. Sokol
Hashimoto Apartment
18, Kamiyacho, Shiba
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Ron:

Many thanks for the fine Christmas card. It was indeed good to hear from
you again. You have not been out of mind, only “beyond the reach of my
left hook”, as a friend of mine says who is beset with more cross pressures
and problems than I.

Preludes[underline] is out, and a leaflet is enclosed. However, I have had no reports
from Dave Parrish as to any possible sales, and indeed have had almost no
reports from anyone. Judge Haynsworth did write me a long letter, comment-
ing on some of the points I treated. I have reason to believe that a few
reviews are under preparation, and when they come out perhaps I shall have
a better idea as to the magnitude of the flop involved in this effort. As to
other writing, my only recent tidbit has been a review in the Michigan Law
Review of the ABA’s Report on Post-Conviction Remedies. I shall send a
copy of this to you via surface mail. One of these days I shall stop raising
questions and get down to solutions, I hope.

As to the Law School, in one sense there has indeed been marked progress,
and there is a momentum now going which, if continued, will surely lead on
to greater heights. The next few months will be critical, and may well
determine much of our future course. There are a number of moves afoot
which will either come to fruition or abort within this period. We have five
new faculty members on hand, a considerably expanded curriculum, and
many other things cooking. We are continuing with visiting professors from
overseas. We now have a young man from the University of Melbourne with

Mr. Ronald P. Sokol
December 20, 1967 Page 2

us for the whole year, and there arrives in January a Cambridge graduate,
now teaching law at the London School of Economics.

Our Moot Court program this year will be something you should behold.
One of our new faculty members is devoting full time to it this fall, and
it is probably as thoroughgoing and good a Moot Court program as could
be found in any Law School. He was twice winner of the University of
Chicago Law School Moot Court Competition, and served last year as Law
Clerk for Judge Harrison Winter, on the Fourth Circuit. Naturally he
uses your books, as well as many other things. This is one of the few
efforts in American law schools really to teach[underline] appellate advocacy, as
distinguished from simply affording students a random opportunity to try
their hands at it.

You are having great adventures no doubt, and will have acquired a vast
education in the Orient as well as in Europe by the time you reestablish
resident in the New World, if that time should come. I look forward to
the day when we can sit down and talk about it all. Jan joins me in send-
ing our very best wishes for the holiday season and for the New Year.

With best regards,

Dan [signature]

Daniel J. Meador

by Air Mail

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