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Letter from Daniel Meador to Ronald Sokol, Wednesday, February 9, 1977

University of Virginia
School of Law

Daniel J. Meador
James Monroe Professor of Law

February 9, 1977

Mr. Ronald P. Sokol
Sokol and Bodin
Attorneys and Counselors at Law
13540 Puyricard

Dear Ron:

Many thanks for your letter of January 21.

This has to be a hasty note. My life has been radically
altered by events of recent days. Out of the blue Griffin Bell
called me to ask me to come to Washington to be an Assistant
Attorney General in charge of a new office he is creating entitled
the office for improvements in the administration of justice. It
is to a large extent a “think tank,” but it is also an action of-
fice, with the mission of designing proposals which can be put
into effect to reform judicial organization and procedures as well
as many other aspects of the justice system. It is right down my
line, and I simply could not resist. Assuming I survive Senate
confirmation, I should start on the job in about two weeks.

This puts into suspension my work on the book on appellate
judges. It seems to knock out the possibility of my projected
German and French explorations this summer. However, I am not
abandoning the project, and I do hope to pursue it all along and
eventually finish it. It is still possible that I should get to
Europe sometime within a year. If so I shall let you know.

I am happy to see the first Sokol colloquium shaping up
here in March. Are you coming? I will be commuting to Washington
for the rest of the spring semester, trying to continue to teach
Federal Courts here at the end of the week. So I will be on hand
for a portion of the colloquium.

The next time I write I will be deep in the Washington scene.
We will need a lengthy conversation at some future date for me to
attempt to convey all of the observations I will no doubt accumulate.
Anyway, for better or worse, we will make a try at doing something
for a change, instead of simply talking about it.

With best wishes,

Dan [signature]

Daniel J. Meador

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