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Letter from Hardy Cross Dillard to Ronald Sokol, Monday, April 10, 1978

Cour Internationale de Justice
Palais de la Paix La Haye Pays Bas
Telegr. Intercourt LaHaye Telephone 92 44 41

International Court of Justice
Peace Palace The Hague Netherlands
Cables: Intercouirt The Hague Telephone 92 44 41

10 April 1978

Dear Ron,

I enclose a copy of my comment on your application. As
per instructions copies have been sent to Auerbach and Sayre.

Let me know your timing for the 17th as I am not sure
about the Court’s Agenda. My office phone is
(070) 92 44 41 extension 115
and the hotel is
57 41 21.

I look forward to our chat.


Hardy [signature]

Hardy C. Dillard

Mr. Ronald P. Sokol,
Conseil Juridique,
13540 Puyricard,

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