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Letter from Hardy Cross Dillard to Ronald Sokol, Monday, March 6, 1978

University of Virginia
School of Law

Written from 1221 Rugby Road
Charlottesville, Va. 22903

March 6, 1978

Via Airmail
Mr. Ronald P. Sokol
13540 Puyricard

Dear Ron:

As I hope you inferred, your letter of 16 February was
delayed in reaching me as it was forwarded from The Hague.

Of course I would be delighted to see you at any time.
Val and I return to The Hague on April 3. How long we will be there
is subject to some uncertainty but I would suppose at least two
months. However the best bet would be for you to telephone a couple
of days ahead of your contemplated visit to be sure the coast is

We will be staying at the Promenade Hotel (Tel. 070-57-
41-21). The Court is dedicating a new annex to the Peace Palace
on April 4 and it may be that this will involve a shift in telephone
numbers. As of now, however, the Peace Palace telephone number is

I meant to write you sometime ago about your book which
I read with interest. Keep up the good work. To repeat, I will be
delighted to see you any time.


Hardy [signature]

Hardy C. Dillard

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