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Letter from Hardy Cross Dillard to Ronald Sokol, Tuesday, May 9, 1978

Cour Internationale de Justice
Palais de la Paix La Haye Pays Bas
Telegr. Intercourt LaHaye Telephone 92 44 41

International Court of Justice
Peace Palace The Hague Netherlands
Cables: Intercouirt TheHague Telephone 92 44 41

Typed by HCD/Be charitable

May 9, 1978

Dear Ron,

Thanks for your letter of 2May. It was jolly seeing you in
Paris and I do hope our paths will cross again soon. I hasten to
add, however, that we will not return to Den Haag until Octoberl.
Hearings on the jurisdictional issue in the Aegean-Sea-Case are
scheduled to commence on October 4. If you wish to see the Court in
motion you should come up during that week. This assumes no further
delay is in the offing. Since this is by no means certain, you should
check in advance. Of course Val and I will be delighted to see

Somewhere in the Chaos that passes for my filing system I have
an “official” photo in the Court gown and that silly little
Belgian lace jabeau. If and when I can lay my hand on it I will send it
to you. At the same time I disclaim the right to be in the exalted
company depicted in your letter. Missing from your gallery was your
friend Darwin.

Tom Bergin was quite interested in that write-up of you in the
Herald-Tribune. If you have not already sent him one, I am sure Dan Meador would
like to receive a copy.

Val sends her best,


Hardy [signature]

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