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Letter from John T. Duffner to Ronald Sokol, Wednesday, February 11, 1970


Office of the Deputy Attorney General
Washington, D.C. 20530

February 11, 1970

Mr. Ronald P. Sokol
12, rue de l’Universite
Paris Vll, France

Dear Mr. Sokol:

The Attorney General has asked me to acknowledge
and thank you for your letter on behalf of Daniel J.
Meador whom you recommend for a future Supreme Court ap-

Your interest is appreciated and we are placing
your recommendation of Mr. Meador in our active Supreme
Court candidate file.



John T. Duffnei
Executive Assistant to the
Deputy Attorney General

1 February 1970

The Honorable John N. Mitchell
Attorney General
Washington D.C.

My dear Mr. Attorney General:

Might I propose that the name of Daniel J. Meador of Alabama
be added to the President’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees.

Meador is now dean of the Alabama Law School but will return
this year to the University of Virginia to take over the chair that
Hardy Dillard is vacating in order to become the American representa-
tive on the International Court of Justice.

Could I also point out that both Holmes and Frankfurter were re-
cruited from the teaching side of the profession.

Respectfully yours,

Ronald P. Sokol

cc. Donald E. Santarelli
Associate Deputy Attorney General

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