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Letter from Ronald Sokol to Daniel Meador, Monday, September 2, 1968


Hotel San Regis
12, rue Jean Goujon
Paris 8
2 September ’68

Dear Dan,

I am now en route back to Paris and am taking the
first moment I’ve had since I received your letter a few days
ago to thank you for it. Your confirmation of my child custody query
and on the use of the original writ is reassuring. I have much expanded
the book adding a sketch of the writ’s history, a section on
the suspension of the writ (really a badly neglected area) and much improving
the sections on jurisdiction.The bibliography may be the biggest improvement
of all. It is much expanded. It will probably come out in January. Naturally
you will get a copy; I shall be anxious to have your reaction to it. I
abandoned my notion to do a cost study for lack of time. I shall be
doing a lot of traveling the next few months, and the summer proved
too short. Too short as well unfortunately, for a review of your Magna
Carta piece, but I may still get to that later this year. I would
like to do it, writing as you suggest an essay type review. If I
do get around to it, I will keep the Alabama Law Review in
mind. The work on habeas corpus, particularly on jurisdiction, much improved
my own understanding of the writ. My recent foray or re-foray into the
subject convinced me that Congress passed statutes where they were not
needed and has failed to pass them where they are needed. The conclusion
is a curious one, but it arose naturally out of the work.

I expect to remain in Paris until the 17th of September and
then will go to London for a few days to visit with Mostyn and
buy some books, then I am back to Tokyo, probably for two months
and then back to Paris. My plans for the rest of this year are
still somewhat unsettled, but I shall send you an address when I have
a spot I am going to stay in for more than a few weeks. At the
moment I’m in a state of transit. All I need is a carpetbag.

If Mostyn has any plans of especial interest I shall let you
know. Again, I thank you for putting aside you fund-raising and


other problems to reflect on habeas corpus for me and delve into
your notes.

I hope you and Jan are both well and that the
coming school year will be a pleasant one for you both.

As ever,

Ron [signature]

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