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Letter from Ronald Sokol to Daniel Meador, Saturday, May 12, 1979

2 May 1979

Just a short note to say that I received the
other day your article in the Georgetown L. J. on
the English appellate process from an American pers-
pective. I no longer recall whether I saw the title
in the Contents of Current Legal Periodicals and ordered
it myself or if you or someone else sent it to me. In any
event, I read it through in two sittings with enormous
enjoyment and pleasure at your success in tidying up into
a coherent whole what had always seemed such a jumble to
me. It would be worth doing the same kind of article for
the French appellate system which is different from both
our system and the UK system. As far as I am concerned, I
shall have to leave such writing for my old age as I am at
present immersed in the problems of practice and deriving
great enjoyment from it. Oddly enough, I am doing a considerable
amount of litigation. Oddly I say because I am not allowed to
present the oral argument , but I do everything else including
the decision as to how to present the oral argument and attend-
ing it and occasionally adding my piece. Moreover, the French
system relies heavily on the “expert” who is a kind of master
in equity, and I can fully participate in those proceedings.
It seems to me that it has been some time since I have
heard from you , and I am still waiting for a photograph for
my rogues gallery. I presume that your work at Justice is
offering more than enough to keep you busy.

I expect to be back briefly in late June or early July
and will try to give you a call then just to say hello.
Meanwhile, congratulations again on your article and my warmest
wishes to you and Jan.

As ever,

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