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Letter from Ronald Sokol to Daniel Meador, Sunday, September 18, 1983

[Note: This is a handwritten letter.]

Ronald P. Sokol
13540 Puyricard

18 September 1983

Dear Dan,

Upon returning from a 2 week
holiday in England in August, I found
on my desk a clipping saying you
had received the AJS’s Justice
Award, and I have been wanting
to write to offer my heartfelt
congratulations! I have only now
had the chance to do so, having come
to London with my 11 yr. old eldest
son to put him into an English prep
school for a year. That the award
should be granted certainly did not
surprize me, but I was very glad to
read of it. One of my regrets in
the past few years is that I
have not been able to see you on
some sort of regular basis.

Between my parents, both of whom are


still alive and in excellent health–my
father going on 84 this November and
my mother 78 this month–my wife,
my 4 children, my practice, and
a variety of personal pleasures, I
find the demands on my time have
simply been too great for me to be
able to keep in close touch with a
half dozen or so people of whom
2 are in Charlottesville–you and
Al Turnbull. I did make a point [at]
the beginning of this year, I think, of
flying to Phoenix where my parents live
via Atlanta and spending some time
with Wray Eckl whom I had
not seen since we left law school
21 years ago!

I promise to correct my neglect if
you give me time. I seem to get to
the States once or twice a year
but usually on a tight schedule
because of the conflicting demands
I mentioned at the beginning of
my letter. One of these trips



Ronald P. Sokol
13540 Puyricard

I shall route myself through
Charlottesville and give you plenty
of advance notice–(if possible).

I think I am now able to
characterize accurately my
practice–it is a small town
practice devoted exclusively
to private international law. This
may sound a bit contradictory, but
it needn’t be if one is in the
right small town which I seem
to be. I enjoy the practice and
the life, although the present
French govt. is doing its best
to drive out all the French
managerial class from the country.

Please accept again my warmest
congratulations, on your award.

As ever,


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