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Letter from Ronald Sokol to Daniel Meador, Thursday, September 18, 2008

[printed letterhead]
Maître Ronald Sokol
Avocat a la Cour
14 rue Prlncipaie
13540 Puyricard France

Mr. Daniel J. Meador
84 Bishops Ridge Drive
Charlottesville, Virginia 22911

18 September 2008

Dear Dan,

You are quite right. I had no idea that Jan had passed away, and I thank you for telling me and
sending the obit. I have a hard time imagining the difficulty of losing a spouse of more than a
half century, although I know the same thing must happen either to me or to Junko. For you the
loss must have been tempered with relief that Jan was at last released from an end of life
disintegration and that you too were relieved of the torment of seeing her at that stage and
having to deal with it. I had no idea that she had accomplished so many things in her lifetime,
but then I knew her only slightly. You have my sincerest condolences.

The critical thing now is your health, and I hope it is still strong and that you have not lost your
interest in law and fiction. I look forward to your next book which I hope is in preparation or
even already with a publisher.

I would be grateful for a word as to what you are doing. Although it seems like some sort of
strange fable, the calendar shows that as of next Spring I shall be seventy years old. I am still
actively practicing law and have no intention of retiring in the near future. Here we are all well which I hope is the case as well with you, your children, their spouses and your grand children.

As ever,

[handwritten signature]

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