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Letter from Ronald Sokol to Daniel Meador, Wednesday, February 22, 1995

Ronald P. Sokol
76 Hamilton Terrace
St. John’s Wood
London NWS 9UL

Tel: (44) 71-286-4878 Fax: (44) 71-289-7584

Mr. Daniel J. Meador
580 Massie Road
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903-1789
Via Fax: 804-924-7536
Wednesday, 22 February, 1995
Dear Dan,

I am having difficulty keeping up with the accelerating rythmn of your letters. I have had
under way since February 6th a letter to you which I began just after completing your
novel. I brought the letter along to London with me to complete but was holding it until
after my children return to Winchester from their “exeat” (English jargon for a school
holiday). They leave this afternoon. I shall get that letter off to you in due time.
Meanwhile your letter of February 7th just arrived here, having gone from Charlottesville
to Puyricard to London.

I fully expect to be around on June 9th, and if I had not been, I would certainly change my
plans to be around. Marseille is well within my bailiwick. It is only about 20 minutes to the
outskirts, and thereafter it is a question of traffic. The Marseille airport is 25 minutes from
our house. We would be delighted if you would spend the night of June 9th at our house. I
shall assume full responsibility of getting you to the boat on June 10th and will be glad to
meet you at the airport on the 9th. If you will send me some propaganda on the tour, I
may even join it if I am able to do so.

In any event, if you make this trip we expect to see you and at least to spend the afternoon
and evening together. I shall write you again shortly a longer letter.

Sincerely yours,

Ron [signature]

Ronald P. Sokol


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