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Letter from Ronald Sokol to Hardy Cross Dillard, Thursday, June 15, 1978

Law Offices
Ronald P. Sokol
Avocat Americain-Conseil Juridique
13540 Puyricard

Honorable Hardy Cross Dillard
1221 Rugby Road
Charlottesville, Virginia

Reference: 01 160 02

15 June 1978

Dear Hardy:

No, you did not remember to send the photo, and I
was just thinking the other day that perhaps I should
write you again. Your observation that Darwin is not in
my rogues gallery amused me, as it had not occurred to me.
I don’t know why. Perhaps the influence doesn’t run as
deep, perhaps because I have never run across a suitable
photo of him, perhaps because he hits a side of my nature
less easily integrated with the law.

To my astonishment I did not get accepted to the
summer seminars to which I had applied. Professor Cover
of Yale Law School very kindly wrote me a personal letter
to explain why. He said that the National Endowment for
the Humanities has a policy of not making the grants to
anyone exercising his profession abroad, unless there are
no other qualified candidates. It would have been decent
of them to at least make this policy known so I would not
have imposed on your time and Dan’s as well. I wrote Cover
thanking him for his explanation and suggesting that the
policy at least be stated.

I have just finished quite a good biography of Samuel
Johnson by W. Jackson Bate which you might enjoy.

I am going to try to get to the Hague in October to
hear oral arguments before the Court. I shall ring you
before to make certain they will occur.

If you would send me the photo, I would be very grateful.

As ever,

Ron [signature]

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