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Letter from Ronald Sokol to Hardy Cross Dillard, Thursday, March 30, 1978

Law Offices
Ronald P. Sokol
Avocat Americain-Conseil Juridique
13540 Puyricard

Honorable Hardy C. Dillard
Cour Internationale de Justice
La Haye

Reference: 02 361 04

30 March 1978

Dear Hardy:

I wasn’t certain where you were so I wrote you
at the Hague. I hope to see you very soon and will
phone as you suggest to discuss a suitable time. I
shall be coming on no special mission but just to talk
and to look at the Court. You are so close by that I
should have asked long ago whether I might come. I
am very much looking forward to seeing you again.

While my visit will be sheer pleasure, I do have
a favor to ask in this letter which I put timidly forth
in light of your circumstances which are apt to be very
busy or difficult or both. I have made an application
for a one-month seminar this summer so that I might
attempt to get recharged. The seminars are “Moral
Dilemmas in Legal Roles” taught by Robert M. Cover,
Professor of Law at Yale University, “Lawyers and Justice
in American Society” taught by Jerold S. Auerbach,
Professor of History at Wellesley College, and “Changing
Concepts of the Individual and Society in America: The
Evidence in Autobiography” taught by Robert F. Sayre,
Professor of English at the University of Iowa.


Law Offices of Ronald P. Sokol
Avocat Americain-Conseil Juridique

Honorable Hardy C. Dillard
02 361 04

30 March 1978

The granting powers ask for a few words from a
reference or two most acquainted with my work. I put
down you and Dan with considerable misgivings because
I know you both have enough to do without this added
task. But you both remain the two people who by far
most fit the description they give of an appropriate
reference. Both you; and Dan are responsible as well
for the philosophic taste beckoning me back for a summer
seminar. I sincerely hope that if this request comes
at a bad moment for whatever reason that you will simply
ignore it and know that I shall fully understand. Please
take this latter seriously.

I shall be giving you a call before long.


Ron [signature]

Ronald P. Sokol


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