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Letter from Ronald Sokol to Hardy Cross Dillard, Tuesday, May 2, 1978

Law Offices
Ronald P. Sokol
Avocat Americain-Conseil Juridique
13540 Puyricard

Honorable Hardy C. Dillard
1221 Rugby road
Charlottesville, Virginia

Reference: 01 160 02

2 May 1978

Dear Hardy:

I have just returned from Milwaukee and only now
have a chance to write to tell you how much I enjoyed
seeing you again and meeting Val. If you return to the
Hague in August and if your schedule permits, I would
like to come to the Hague for another chat and to look
over “the physical assets,” as the bankers say, of the
Court. Of course I would particularly like to see the
Court in session if that is apt to occur this year.

My wife Junko was sorry not to be able to meet you
and hopes, as do I, that one day you will visit us in
Provence. In the interim we have a request. We wonder
whether you have an official, or preferably an unofficial,
photographer, and, if so, whether we might hope for an
informal photograph of you. I would like to put this in
my office where the rogues gallery consists exclusively
of a silhouette of Thomas Jefferson, a pen portrait of
John F. Kennedy and photos of Hugo Black, Mark Twain,
and Pablo Picasso. I would like to add your photo and
Dan Meador’s, but I have not yet worked up the courage
to ask Dan.

In sum, the company would, I believe, be acceptable
to you. I cannot promise that I shall add no other rogues,
but I have no immediate plans to do so, although if I ran
across a photo of Holmes, I would certainly like him in-

With best wishes to you and Val, I remain

As ever,

Ron [signature]

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