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Letter from Ronald Sokol to, Wednesday, January 1, 1992

[flier, first sheet; text to the left of fold.]

Location of Offices

Offices are located in the village of Puyricard,
seven kilometers (4.2 miles) north of Aix-en-
Provence, thirty kilometers ( 18 miles) north of
Marseille, thirty minutes from the Marseille air-
port, one hour from Paris by plane.


14, rue Principale
13540 Puyricard

FAX: (33) 42-92-14-51
TEL: (33) 42-92-08-20

[first sheet; text to the right of fold]



Avocat a la Cour

Expert Witness

[flier, second sheet; text to the left of fold.]

Biographical Information

Born: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 23, 1939; admitted
in Wisconsin 1962; admitted in France as conseil juridique [itals.]
1973; admitted in France as avocat [itals.] 1992.

Family Status: Married with four sons.

Education: Duke University, 1956-1959; University of
Virginia Law School, J.D. 1962; LL.M. 1963. Phi Delta
Phi; Alliance Francaise, Paris, 1966-1967; Tokyo
Language School, Tokyo, 1967-1968; Paris, 1969-1970.

Positions: Director of Appellate Legal Aid and Lecturer-
in-Law at the University of Virginia, 1963-1966; Sokol
Law Offices in Aix-en-Provence from 1972 to present.
Regional Delegate, American Chamber of Commerce for
Marseille-Provence; Board of Directors of the American
International School in Nice from 1979-1994; Chairman of
the Board of Directors of American International School
1985-1988; Board of Directors, United States Navy
League, MarseiIle, 1990 to present.

Books: A Handbook of Federal Habeas Corpus ( 1965);
Language and Litigation ( 1966); A Guide to Aix-en-
Provence (1972); A Guide to Aries ( 1973); Justice After
Darwin ( 1975), French-Connected Litigation (in preparation) [titles in itals.]

Articles: The Political Trial: Courtroom as Stage, History
as Critic, 2 New Literary History 495 (1971); French
Taxation of Intercompany Transfer Arrangements, 12 Int’I.
Law 639 (1978); Termination of French Labor Contracts,
14 Int’l. Law 267 (1980); Law-Making Process, The Legal
System of France in Modern Legal Systems Cyclopedia
(1990); Reforming the French Legal Profession, 26 Int’I.
Law 1025 (1992).

Associations: American Bar Association, Wisconsin Bar
Association, French Bar Association, Scientific Instrument

Clubs: The Savile Club, London.

Languages: English, French, neglected Japanese.

[second sheet; text to the right of fold.]

Prevention and resolution of
problems requiring expertise in
and understanding of both French
and American legal systems with
emphasis on litigation.

Experienced appellate counsel
before United States Court of
Appeals. Past Lecturer in
Appellate Practice, University of
Virginia Law School.

Over twenty years legal and
courtroom experience in France.

Litigation in France as well as
support in American litigation to
both trial and appellate counsel
with French-related problems.

Expert witness in American
courts on French law and practice.

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