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Letter of Simon Sobeloff to Ronald Sokol, November 19, 1965

United States Court of Appeals
Fourth Judicial Circuit
Chambers of Simon E. Sobeloff
United States Circuit Judge
Baltimore 2, Maryland

November 19, 1965

Ronald P. Sokol, Esq.
Appellate Legal Aid
School of Law
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901

Dear Mr. Sokol:

To my colleagues and to me your leaving the University of
Virginia and terminating your association with the court will
bring sharp regrets. Your performance has been outstanding
and I wish to express my appreciation. I have the feeling
that you derived deep personal satisfaction from your appellate
legal aid work.

I do hope that Dean Dillard will be able to arrange for
the work to continue. It has been of i nestimable value to
the court, and no doubt also to the young men who have written
briefs under your direction.

With every good wish, I am

[handwritten signature]

Simon E. Sobeloff

cc: Judge Haynsworth
Judge Boreman
Judge Bryan
Judge Bell
Dean Dillard

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