The Law Library’s New(-ish) Leisure Reading Collection

The Law Library has offered leisure reading to students and faculty since 1986, but we recently subscribed to a new book leasing program to give the collection a facelift. The program allows us to provide new titles to our patrons each month. In January, for example, we featured recently published biographies of Martin Luther King Jr. and Ella Fitzgerald, the memoir We Could Have Been Friends, My Father and I by Palestinian lawyer Raja Shehadeh, the cookbook Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs & Juice by Toni Tipton-Martin, and the fiction bestsellers Weyward (Emilia Hart) and Roman Stories (Jhumpa Lahiri).

Our librarians have had some fun showcasing new additions to the leisure reading collection through monthly book displays located on the table across from the Circulation Desk. Past themes have included books on artificial intelligence, beach reads, mysteries, and cookbooks. In March, you can explore a selection of books that will be adapted to film and TV in the coming year. We encourage you to peruse the books on display, and also to browse the shelves of the entire collection, located in the Klaus Reading Room adjacent to the Circulation Desk. 

The books in this collection will be retained for a year before they are up for consideration to be returned to the leasing company. Leisure reads can be checked out for thirty days by UVA students, staff, and public patrons, alike. 

Happy reading! 

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Addie Patrick

Addie Patrick

Addie Patrick is the Library Coordinator with the UVA Law Library. She assists with Special Collections' many projects and with Circulation.

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